1. Newborn Stage- First two weeks after birth

Most photographers aim to schedule newborn sessions while baby is fresh out of the oven. Before day 10 would be ideal. Why the rush? After day 10, baby starts to stretch out, wake up, and become increasingly aware of his or her surroundings (ah hem, and the scary lady with the big camera!). It’s also the time when baby acne begins to appear.  So if you dream of precious shots of your sweet one sleeping and all curled up in a basket, then the earlier the better.  Best to schedule while you are still pregnant.  But stuff happens.  Unexpected c-sections and other complications can arise making it impossible to photograph baby during the first two weeks of his life.  And that’s ok. Even though he’ll be a bit larger and maybe even awake through the entire session, “older” newborns can be done.  Photographers often charge extra for newborn sessions because they usually take extra time and can (at times) require extra patience. Baby is in charge and needs feedings, changings, and snuggles to be happy. But the patience always pays off in the end.

2. Two-Three Month Stage

They grow so fast!  One of the things I love the most about this particular stage is that baby is really starting to develop their personality.  It’s  a great time to take photos of baby while she’s on her back or tummy. Depending on how strong her neck is, she may even be able hold her head up for some adorable tummy shots. Sometimes little ones become camera-shy at this stage of the game because they are very much aware of the photographer’s presence. So get ready for  silliest faces and  toys as you may have to work for some big smiles.  Smiles or no smiles, though, it’s definitely an awesome time for pictures.

3. Six to Eight Month Stage

At this stage, they love to smile for the camera!   Baby is sitting up (whew, maybe even standing up and holding on to things!) and love to show off. It’s a really fun stage to photograph because we can easily capture LOTS of personality … but baby can’t run away yet!  Maybe he’s trying to crawl … but he’s not quick yet!  So it’s a great time to plop him down in his room or in the garden or any safe area and capture amazing pictures.  And by now, he really thinks you’re a pretty funny person, which means it’s easy to get big smiles!

4. First Birthday photos/cake smash

Setting up a personalized cake smash to capture images of babies first sweets is the cutest!  I work with the parents to design the perfect set up!  These are so much fun!

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